“I’ll have mine Filthy.”

With innovation, a crystal clear marketing plan, and an outrageous name, Filthy Food revolutionizes the cocktail drinking experience and becomes the only brand of truly premium cocktail garnishes made specifically to be served with alcohol.

A name with a twist.

Filthy – premium drink garnishes with a tiny pickle or pepper poking out prominently from the center or stuffed with blue cheese or even, the classic pimento, sported a brand name that was anything but subtle. In fact the name had raised a few eyebrows. But, with the naughty logo we designed and some of our design and marketing expertise, it’s now the toast of the town and featured in the hippest bars and restaurants in major cities.

Packaging and labels that scream; “eat me”.

The silver and black labels are both elegant and a little naughty. Whether displayed on shelf at Total Wines or on the Filthy ecommerce website it begs for attention. It’s design with a wink and a nod and a good chuckle, instantly elevating it beyond ordinary drink garnishes.

A beautiful ecommerce site that raises the bar (pun intended)

We designed and developed a slick ecommerce site where consumers and mixologists alike could find out what makes Filthy garnishes so special, and purchase product. Easy to shop, with beautiful product renderings and a unique visual style, the website screamed out to the hipster in us all.

Drinking buddies with major liquor brands.

Co-branded promotions with some major liquor brands, (we can’t mention names) resulted in a series of bottle neckers and shelf talkers at major liquor retailers.