Defining a kick-ass fishing apparel brand.

A unique outreach strategy led the pro-angler gear brand, Gillz, to become a synonym to performance fishing.

Hold on tight – the Anthem Video.

We capture the soul of the Gillz brand in our Anthem Video. Action packed, with jumping fish, speeding boats, salty air, struggling fisherman, splashing water, high fives and a sweet music bed – the video perfectly positions Gillz to our core market – the avid angle

Anthem Video

Planting our flag in the sand.

Gillz makes some pretty sweet fishing apparel designed for serious anglers. Unfortunately awareness was small and Gillz lacked any real personality. The brand needed new life and new energy to remain relevant. Boom! We reinvent the brand and define it’s mission, audience attitude and graphics in a new brand guideline. Now everyone can can march to the beat of the same drum.

Let’s make a deal.

Email campaigns promoted themed promotions thorough out the year. As we grew our data sets and opt ins increased, we were able to reach out to more customers and engage them one on one. Building brand advocates