Non-profit & Education

We understand the unique needs of non-profits and educational organizations, allowing us to quickly develop strategic solutions for your most pressing marketing needs.

Supporting a non-profit in its mission.

Sunrise is one of the largest, private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations in the country dedicated to serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We took it as our mission to help them with theirs.

We raise the profile of a classroom and online educational brand.

As online education was becoming more prevalent, Gold Coast Schools turned to James Ross to improve and upgrade their user’s website experience.

We help an online learning platform get an A+ from users.

James Ross developed the total structure of the site, including the user journey and interface, the tiering of courses, test structures, test review sections, and student dashboard.

A labor of love.

Few organizations help needy children as much as Voices for Children of Broward County. We were honored that they came to us to develop a new website for them.