Combining data, analytics, and creative ideation to build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow revenue.

Launching a supplement brand that turns the tables on an aging prostate.

We were tapped to launch a new prostate health supplement for men when the concept was still in its infancy. With the launch a year out, we had no name, no positioning and no data – all we had was an idea. That was about to change.

UFC legend, Randy Couture endorses BioXgenic.

We helped BioXgenic become as strong as the UFC champion we partnered with, Randy Couture.

Turning sex into love and love into profits.

When we first met, Swiss Navy was a small niche line of personal lubricants, sold in adult specialty retailers. They needed to think bigger, and a plan to grow the brand.

From Russia with love.

We helped a Russian supplement company, Evalar, grow a healthy presence in the U.S. with a bold branding initiative.

Delivering an appetizing brand experience.

My Pure Life, a startup, pre-made meal delivery company, came to James Ross to develop its brand from scratch.