UFC legend, Randy Couture endorses BioXgenic.

We helped BioXgenic become as strong as the UFC champion we partnered with, Randy Couture.

Randy goes toe-to-toe in rockin’ video.

Action video builds brand persona and brings Randy Couture up close and personal as he explains what makes BioXgenic so special.


Behind The Scenes

Sweet Packaging Sells Hard At Retail

With bold, new package design and strategic help from James Ross, BioXGenic, men’s sexual health supplements had secured shelf space in national retail chains like CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and Walgreens. With a retail footprint now established in these stores we needed to make a marketing splash to gain attention and grow the brand.

A Dream Team

We tapped six-time UFC World Champion, Randy Couture to be the face of the brand. One of the toughest men in the world, with real street “cred”, he was the perfect spokesman for BioXGenic. Admired and looked up to by our target market, we built an ecommerce website featuring him and a sampling initiative.

Getting "Social" Online

Retargeting, Facebook and Instagram ads resulted in millions of impressions while bringing Randy to the forefront. The simple impactful ads generated massive website traffic, boosting online and retail sales, while also building brand recognition.