Launching a supplement brand that turns the tables on an aging prostate.

We were tapped to launch a new prostate health supplement for men when the concept was still in its infancy. With the launch a year out, we had no name, no positioning and no data – all we had was an idea. That was about to change.

Developing a name that resonates.

Great brands begin with an intelligent naming process, a clear strategy and extensive testing. We brought all three to the table. After hundreds of naming explorations and many focus groups, we found a clear winner: Flomentum. The name resonated with men 45-65 had a prescription drug feel to it and even contained the word “men”.

Our strategy was to bring Flomentum to market like it was a prescription drug – with proven efficacy, scientific rigor and ethical, truthful marketing. This wasn’t just any prostate supplement and consumers and physicians needed to know that.

Comprehensive research and focus groups guide the way.

Testing was integral to our discovery process. We needed to find Flomentum’s “sweet spot” in the minds of the consumer. Everything we created was put to the test in front of our demographic; men 45 and up. Packaging, keywords, positioning – all were tested in either focus groups, or remotely with online surveys.

A package design with a specific goal.

The packaging had to convey quality and exude a prescription drug vibe, without being sterile. Sold exclusively online, the customer’s first real experience with Flomentum was when it was delivered to their home. So we designed both a single bottle and a three bottle custom box which reinforced the premium quality and raised Flomentum far above ordinary supplements.

Bringing the brand to life.

We created a comprehensive brand book that guided the roll-out of the product. Comprised of positioning, messaging, persona, tone of voice, and a robust identity system. With this in hand, everyone on the team was on the same page.

Launching the eCommerce site.

A lot of effort went into ensuring we chose the correct platform to build the site on to ensure a seamless purchase experience. In this case, we chose Shopify. Rich with information, the website is simple, easy to navigate and takes users down a clear purchase path. It also included a portal for physicians that contained pertinent science-related information.

Social media marketing.

Our marketing support for the launch ranged from PPC retargeting ads to Facebook and Instagram ads. Each piece of creative was tested and validated for response rates. A wide range of messaging was tested as we narrowed down creative to the best performers.

Discovering what most engaged our audience.

Social media ads were created in all formats from static, carousel to video. Almost real-time analysis was conducted so we could quickly take action and make adjustments in follow-up campaigns.

Creative thinking to drive strategy

We focused part of their marketing efforts on investing in Google Ads, tailoring specific keywords, integrating Hubspot, and developing an email marketing funnel.